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  1. what can i do
  2. however
  3. why so permissive

this website, and much of the stuff i make in general, is licensed under cc0 1.0

which is less a license and more a public domain dedication with a fallback where that's not possible (because lawmakers didn't predict this level of masochism altruism)

so here's info on that (or you can read the official faq)

what can i do

tl;dr: pretty much anything

can i... answer
use your things? yes
commercially? yes
edit them? yes
without credit? yes (but i do appreciate credit)
for nazi things? yes (but fuck you)
with me credited? uhhhh not sure honestly
post them to spotify/etc? no (but it's because they want you to own it)


this website sometimes contains things that can't be cc0'd, e.g. translations of other people's works or fan-art

it should be clear from context when that's the case, or if you're a context-incapable scraper you can look for the copyrighted html class

why so permissive

for one: i don't feel like i ever put effort into anything

if i ever do then i might use some sort of copyleft or even copyfarleft license

but for now i'm not worried about my things being abused commercially or for nazi purposes because there's not much there to abuse

for two: it's not like i'm gonna sue anyone anyway

individual bad actors don't usually care about copyright anyway (and especially not about the author's wishes)

and companies (assuming they wanna steal my garbage in the first place) have lawyers and i don't

youtube copyright claims are a thing i guess but i'd have to dox myself and all and beh

for three: i think most people who would credit with cc-by would credit with cc0 too when practical (see: minecraft sound attributions)

and i'd rather not force myself on them, e.g. if someone were to make a song that's a mishmash of samples (a la marble soda) it would be impractical to credit a hundred separate artists wherever the song's used

here's a similar idea in the context of of datasets

for four: did you know cc-by has an anti-drm clause? which yeah that's based but it's a real problem for ios developers (at least real enough that oga-by exists)

in a similar vein cc0 is actually unsuitable for code because it doesn't give patent rights

there's a fork called cc_-1 (which is a bit weird in its phrasing) but i often just quadruple-license under cc0/unlicense/0bsd/wtfpl because it's funny