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the characters that i've made, for various degrees of "made"

generally all of these are canonically he/they/etc like me (except helping hoof which is more it/its), but feel free to use other pronouns too (since i'm not super connected to them and also don't mind pronouns in general)

you-the-reader hereby have my permission to draw / remix / steal / do literally whatever with any of these if you so desire, as per cc0 (though note that other people's art featured here isn't under that, and also if you ship them with others my partner won't like it)

kinda funny that even though a fursona is supposed to represent me i instead keep making characters that i'd want to hug, and one can't really hug oneself properly can one (though i suppose the fox has clones and the creature can wrap itself up in its tail)

current favorite is probably emerald snap

general traits:

ghost fox


not really a fursona but it is the first animal sorta-character i remember making

made for a shitposty collaborative comic thing, where the first action by someone other than me was to kill my character (hence ghost)

fox-eared humanoid stickman waves and says "Hi"

same creature, now a ghost, saying "m" in very stretched comic sans




my main character, scruffy pure-white snoutless fox (tail size undefined)

originally with ralsei's clothing and sans's glowing blue eye but nowadays not really

in some iterations he can "clone" himself (have multiple bodies) and/or turn into a four-legged fox

started out like so:

  1. a long time ago i used to use images of tails the fox as profile pictures
  2. i wanted to have a funny sans version of him for my discord avatar and i stumbled upon a cursed mess that i'm not sure if i still have
  3. i added ralsei features to it (2018-11-28)

    headshot of tails from a very bad comic, turned pure white, with a sans eye, and Ralsei's clothes ms painted on

  4. electriclizardfren drew it for some reason (2019-09-15)

    full-body drawing of the above, very high quality, there are even little cat paws for hands

  5. i drew/generated a set of deltarune-style talksprites for it for Ralsei·bot-assisted roleplay (2019-11-30)

    pixelated sprite of him sticking his tongue out and blushing

  6. now it's my fursona i guess

also has a pony version

the fox as a pony made with pony.town



anthro bear with gold fur, 2/3rds human height apparently? i don't remember writing that, i usually imagine him as regular height

can summon illusions with varying degrees of solidity

mute, uses the above to summon subtitles

see here for more details (though i wrote it when i was younger and more foolish so it has some amount of yikes)

not used a whole lot unfortunately

doodle of him dabbing and summoning comic sans subtitles saying "can i stop now"

headshot of him thinking



deltarune boss monster oc with gold fur and a sun motif on his chest

sorta similar to wesley but as a gote and with different powers

and uhhh how about i just write from the ref sheet below

a mildly creepy vector drawing of the goat, with the text above next to it

exactly one fanart by discord user Lazy#6665:

less creepy pixel art vaguely styled after undertale



green anthro gecko with 4 arms and (barely visible in the picture) acid-green pawpads on the hands, also horns for some reason

mostly just an attempt to sculpt something in blender

download .blend file here if you wish (contains non-functional rig)


of specifically the mlp variety

helping hoof


yes the name is cringe but i couldn't think of a better one, i don't use the name often anyway

white synthetic honse made of a marshmallow-like material with a grid pattern*, optionally a bit smaller than usual, wearing a collar

has both wings and horn because why not

a possible lore is that it was a robot-esque thing (hence more it/its) made to serve and that the collar keeps it obedient, and/or when you tap the collar gem it flashes and listens for commands like a virtual assistant; another possible lore is that it says the collar does so but really it just likes to do stuff for people

*unfortunately i don't have a picture with both grid and hair so try to mentally put the first 2 images together

here's another hairless pic of it in classicube

bashful byte


i don't like it

pone with purple body, green eyes, red-green-blue mane, pinkish wings and tail, subtle chest fluff

emerald snap


i do like it

pone with bright teal body, dark teal countershading and hoof stripes and eyes, acid green spiky mane and wings and tail

also has a pic made for funkin' is magic using this base by bbpanzu but it's rushed and not very good

same pone facing away from viewer, talking to somepony


made for a now-inactive deltarune roleplay, part of an implied set of dozens (of common species that aren't already represented in deltarune)

they/them, sometimes it/its



magic geek, has turned into a sort of phoenix once

anthro owl in ruby coat


2022-11-04 - 2022-11-10

started out normal, became smug in an effort to outsmug the main villain, immediately regretted it and became snowdrop instead to have people not hate him

smug deer in blue shirt

same deer but not smug, now blue and in green shirt



mostly made by electriclizardfren, included for completeness

not pictured: unlimited stretchability (with constant width, in toony defiance of conservation of mass)

semi-anthro otter with blurple body and acid green countershading, purple tophat with yellow stripe, no visible mouth

otter walking

sketch of otter smoking a cartoonishly big blunt, similar pose to the "ralsei smoking weed" meme


ideation started 2022-10-11, most recent update 2023-02-22

made of synthetic marshmallow again (no bones or anything), though i'll allow a bit of fuzz (makes more sense on the dark bits but the neon ones are allowed too)

only somewhat modeled after real specieses, e.g. the hooves are explicitly not realistic because i dislike that bump they have in e.g. mlp

the model turned out 7'3" (220 cm) in internal units and tbh that sounds about right

the sparkly neon regions (fully variable rgb btw) are supposed to be translucent regions of the body showing the creature's insides (100% neon goop)

tail can be rolled and unrolled to any size (to infinity and beyond) through toon logic; ears don't have that but could probably be rolled into spirals for convenience (like hair rolls)

it does canonically have a mouth i just don't know how to model it properly

the hands are placeholders, ideally they'd be big 5-fingered pawbs with stick-out beans

ideally the tail spiral wouldn't end in a hole but i couldn't figure out how to model that with my method

unsure about head shape, particularly snout size

might remove the neck fluff, i wanted it large enough to function as hammerspace but i can't figure out how to do that well

idk if i want the stripes everywhere, maybe just regular countershading? [see last image]

kinda considered inverting tail pattern (texture alt in the .blend file matches that), pros: dim fuzzy inside to curl up in, cons: inconsistent with inside of ears being neon, looks bad; stripes on the sides would fit though so maybe

legs might be better off just being rubberhose instead of my attempt at a semi-realistic shape (would help make it possible for the soles of the hooves to touch each other which for some reason appeals to me)

have a .blend file (3.4, messy, unrigged)

t-posing anthro creature; most of its body is a dark slightly-purple blue, but there are some stripes on the limbs and a heart pattern on the chest that are a shiny neon magenta-to-cyan gradient (which also occurs on its eyes and snout and blush lines); big goat ears half as long as the creature is tall with neon on the underside, thick limbs (regular arms and stubby hoof legs), neck fluff, almost body-size tail behind it (the inner half is neon and the outer is blue)

orthogonal front view

orthogonal side view, showing a cartoony dashed blush, some chub in the front, the spiraliness of the tail, and the profile of the hooves

close-up of the tail, showing the subtle sparkles in the neon regions (as well as a small hole in the center of the spiral which i couldn't figure out how to remove)

view from the bottom in "off" mode (the neon regions are græy but still sparkly), showing the beans in all their glory, the jankiness of the hand shapes, and the featurelessness of the hooves

an alternate coloring scheme, where instead of stripes there are solid fields of neon: a thick strip going down from the neck to the crotch and continuing into the tail (with another strip on the other side of said tail), and the "feet" of the hooves are neon too; ears and face are still neon


2023-02-22 (at like 3am)

probably my first non-cuddlemaxxed character

pink body, very·hot-pink beans and hooves, light-yellow countershading and inside of ears (and ear fluff probably), yellow eyes and neck fluff

plush maybe? not necessarily for cuddle purposes, i just feel it'd be neat (though idk if useful hands would fit it well)

i usually do plain colors but maybe this time i could/should do some sort of spots? freckles at least?

probably both anthro and feral forms; anthro probably gets paws (maybe cat paws so it can be a bappy mew deer)

male-ish but no antlers because noelle deltarune stole them (actually because i feel they'd get in the way, also i have been informed female reindeer have antlers too)

glasses? collar? skirt? thigh-highs? (nah because they'd cover up the hoofsies)

no proper canonical picture yet but have a wip blender model (main deviations: no ear fluff, no spots, fingers are thinner than i'd like them to be, beans are weird):

anthro deer with paws and feral hooves, the yellow areas are around the jaw and around the legs (like pants), saturated yellow is for short hair that wraps around the back to join with neck fluff, the hands are somewhat paw-like, the nose and beans and hooves are red and shiny like lipstick, the tail is short and plump and yellow on the bottom

and a base by mizusky:

feral deer with the above traits minus glasses

and a picrew by oatmeaio (hooves instead of paws because pretty):

all-pink anthro deer with glasses winking at the viewer

and another by treez0n:

this one has some countershading (white instead of yellow due to palette limitations), also red gloves and big tail


2023-06-23 - 2023-07-04, main as of 2024-01-07

floaty is not its name (it is its name now), it's just supposed to float like mew

1.3m (= 4'4") minus ears

probably no fluff, just marshmallow squish

the yellow bits glow, the hand beans stick out quite a bit

despite lack of mouth it can talk and even eat; it may wear face masks to express emotions like owo

potential changes i haven't applied to the reference yet:

now as a public vrchat avatar! (source files)

see next image for detailed description; t-posing in front of a dark purple background

angles of somewhat outdated original model, .blend file (3.5)

white chubby chibi anthro cat with no mouth, yellow-orange gradient eyes (with black pupils) and small butterfly-like wings, purple collar, hot pink inner ears and big heart symbol in front and hand beans and featureless foot paws

orthographic view from the front

orthographic view from the side with arms hidden; wings are floating and not attached to the body

art by @The-Menagerie@cohost.org:

floaty doing the mrbeast rap battle pose (looking at you and showing off its beans kinda)