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an index of memes, memeables, and pop culture items, under public licenses such as creative commons or in the public domain

most of the time this doesn't matter because youtube has contracts for most of the world's music and the other companies know better than to sue random memesters for giving them free marketing

but if you're publishing something commercially (or if your teacher insists on properly licensed material for your slideshow) and you wanna put a haha funny in it then this might be helpful

ctrl+f is your friend here

a quick rundown of how the license column works:

very lacking as of current; if you have any suggestions then contact is appreciated

see also:


name license notes
crypton vocaloid illustrations by-nc specifically: hatsune miku, kagamine rin and len, megurine luka, kaito, and meiko
historic tale construction kit pd? i mean i assume it's public-domain since the source material is, unless cutting characters out of it is copyrightable
bluemoji by aka that one blue smiley with puffed-up cheeks laughing about spreading misinformation on the internet
twemoji by used on twitter and discord; gallery here
galaxy brain template recreation by it says cc0 but it uses cc-by content
awesome face by-sa  
it ain't much but it's honest work 0 us government work; captionless version
xkcd by-nc "there's an xkcd for everything", at least in terms of hard sciences; the categories in explainxkcd might be of use when searching; the "citation needed" comic and a couple others are also available as by or by-sa
celeste box art by-sa cutouts and a few extras here


name license notes
music by patricia taxxon by-sa best known for sd_bbb aka EEEAAAOOO (technically the video must be by-sa too but it's not explicitly stated to be such so eh); you might wanna watch out for samples from copyrighted music (sometimes noted in the lyrics)
music by kevin macleod by there used to be a way to see the most popular songs but it seems to be gone now; carefree is the infamous royalty-free ukulele song
chocolate rain by-nc-nd  
lud and schlatt's musical emporium by of most interest are the animal crossing and wii shop channel soundalikes
little women (1933) theme song pd famously remixed in the opening cutscene of hotel mario (1994)
undertale shop theme soundalike 0* it might be that the samples are copyrighted but if toby fox could get away with yoinking them from the internet you probably can too
mitchie m - freely tomorrow (feat. hatsune miku) by* technicality because the attribution marking was removed but cc-by is irrevocable
ievan polkka pd not the vocaloid version mind you, just the lyrics and notes, and i'm not aware of any freely-licensed recording (except i guess this by-sa thing) so you might have to make it yourself
korobeiniki pd also known as the tetris theme; the link is to a midi, here's an mp3 rendering of it; here's a cc0 synth cover
king gizzard and the lizard wizard - polygondwanaland 0? "This album is FREE. Free as in, free. Free to download and if you wish, free to make copies. Make tapes, make CD’s, make records...We do not own this record. You do. Go forth, share, enjoy."


name license notes
bruh sound effect #1 0 not the original but still good imo
various minecraft sounds 0/by here's the old hurt sound
dialup noise by (though personally i don't think the uploader has copyright on it so maybe pd?)
wilhelm scream pd  


name license notes
the missile knows where it is at all times pd knowyourmeme says it's from a us air force training video, so assuming it's a government work it'd be public-domain
text2speech.org 0? Female US is the voice of remote from bfdi:bfb, Male US and Male US (Scottish accent) were used by e.g. timotainment (the latter is now also the voice of tv in bfdi:tpot); it's theoretically downloadable here but you need to compile it


name license notes
it's okay to not like things by also on commons for easier downloading
me at the zoo by* commons says it was once tagged as by but isn't anymore but the license is irrevocable
jocat by* since 2021-04-08; note that many of his videos contain copyrighted stuff; unsure if intentional


name license notes
i wanna be the guy id per faq 2.4
friday night funkin' id per readme: "Little info, you have FULL PERMISSION to stream, letsplay, meme, shitpost, do WHATEVER you want with the game. Use the music in videos you do, use art, ANYTHING. GO CRAZY BRO."
touhou id guidelines


name license notes
scp wiki by-sa with the notable exception of scp-173's former visage (nicknamed peanut)
scratch by-sa 2.0 per terms of service, though watch out for third-party content that remains copyrighted
the works of nicky case 0 as a furry i'm biased toward adventures with anxiety and femboy hooters (nsfw)
reimagine :the game: soundtrack 0 related to the above because the game was made by nicky, though the music wasn't
1984 by george orwell pd* except in the us where it's copyrighted until 2044
minecraft end poem 0 proof and reasoning

non-meme freebies

name license notes
typodermic public-domain fonts 0 not really pop culture but i've nowhere else to share these