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various tidbits about the one and only, sorted by relevance in descending order

will eventually expand as well as maybe colorize


name: hecko

if that's not available then hecko_yes or similar

used to be Sobsz, and it's still the username for some of my accounts, but i'm changing it wherever possible because:

  • it's a pain to pronounce even for my fellow poles
  • lowercase good
  • it mayormaynot be derived from my legal name
pronouns: he/they/it/neoprns

i mostly don't care but i know she/her feels wrong

gender: Male-I-Guess™ (= male or none, whichever's more normal)

my theory is that many people who call themselves cis (including me) actually don't [have a / care about their] gender, so while just saying "none gender" would be more accurate it'd also be perceived by many as something unusual, hence the hedge i like calling myself "boy" sometimes, e.g. "guess i'm your delivery boy"

age: 20

born april 5, 2003

sexuality: ace-ish

more specifically aegosexual, meaning i enjoy the idea of sexytimes but actually doing it is a no thanks

romanticity-wise i'm not sure but am taken

autism: quite

technically diagnosed as asperger's but yikes

i'll eventually do a whole section of things i have/do that might be due to the autism

location: poland

and yet i managed to end up worse at polish than at english :)

languages: english, polish, toki pona

i call myself 2.5-lingual because toki pona is a game a little above pig latin

vaguely tried learning german, russian, esperanto, and spanish; gave up each time, guess my brain doesn't like language learning